New Regulation Makes Switching Electricity Suppliers Easier & Faster For Consumers

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Starting June 1st, thousands of people across Pennsylvania could see as much as a 25% increase on their electricity bills.

The spike has many people looking to make a switch in suppliers and on Thursday that process just got a little easier.

“It currently takes 11 to 40 business days to change either between suppliers or from your utility to a supplier,” said Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Press Secretary, Jennifer Kocher.

The change, which was approved by the PUC last month and finalized by the Independent Regulatory Review Commission Thursday, will now allow people to make the switch in suppliers within three to five business days.

Officials with PUC say the harsh winter was one of the driving forces behind the change.

“This winter we heard from over 18,000 consumers who had gotten surprise bills; surprised by a variable rate and rate increases that they weren’t anticipating and then when they went to move away from that higelectricityher rate the other shock that they got was that they couldn’t do so quickly,” Kocher said.

Electricity suppliers will now also be required to provide a more precise presentation of information on their contracts.

“It will be things like the amount that the variable rate could vary to, how much it could go up, how often it could change,” Kocher said. “There will be a lot more information for customers and some of that information we’re requiring on the first page as opposed to page three or four of the contract,” she added.

People can also expect to see some changes when it comes to the look of their bills and what info can be found on them.

“If you are a shopping customer you will see information from your competitive supplier on there, including their logo and some other pricing information and other detailed information about how they are billing you,” Kocher said.

The three to five day regulation change will kick into effect within the next six months.

For more information on which electricity supplier is best for you, go to PUC’s website

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