Teen celebrates perfect attendance record

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A senior at Central York High School is about to hit a milestone. Her last day of school is Tuesday and will mark a perfect attendance record since kindergarten.

Kirsten Blair didn’t set out with the plan, but around middle school she realized she’d never missed a day. ‘

“I don’t think I realized when I was a kid, because I thought it’s school, I have to go, it’s the law,” Blair says.

By the time she reached senior year, she decided to skip “senior skip” day. She’s attended school for more than 2,300 days without missing one. She credits her family, including her grandparents, Patti and Mike Eichelberger, for supporting her.

“I think everyone should set a goal for themselves , whether it’s small or big, or for others as well and just do it, stick it out through it, so that you can make yourself feel good,” she says.

The Central York School District is recognizing Blair for her perfect record. They haven’t seen one in at least a decade.

Blair graduates next month and will attend York College.

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  • Kerri

    I knew one other person who did this, all I remember was his last name was Kohr from Middletown, PA…but he also had a perfect attendance record…but he's been out of school for, I'd say, about 20 years now…this is only the second person I have ever heard of with a perfect attendance record…WTG Kirsten

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