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Atheists in MD fight to have WWI memorial removed

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By, Heather Warner

While many people took time honoring those who have served in our military this past weekend, a group of people in Maryland is fighting to have a memorial for our soldiers taken away.

Atheists want a memorial honoring World War 1 vets removed because it bares a cross, which they say, violates separation of church or state.

The memorial sits at a park in Prince George’s county, and right now, there’s a lawsuit that could change that.

One of the atheists fighting to have it removed says it’s the location, on what he believes is public land, that is really upsetting his group.  It does sit between two major roadways, but technically it is part of the adjacent park. Atheist, Steven Lowe says, “as a non-Christian, I don’t want to be confronted by a government mesa he like the existence of a cross on what appears to be public land.”

The marker has been here nearly a century.  Veterans, and family of veterans, are very passionate about it staying where it is. “I think in general it is a symbol of self-sacrifice.  That’s what it is. A symbol of self-sacrifice,” says Stella Green, a mother of a Marine.


  • Butch

    I am suing to have the letter X removed from the alphabet because it is a cross slanted
    side ways. And i want the actor Ice-T fired. and i want all Tea bags removed from the
    store shelves. and i want my MAYPO………

  • Mike

    This memorial is for the World War 1 vets to honor them, its not a memorial for atheists or anybody else alive today to honor us.

    Almost 100 years ago when WW 1 occurred, America was a praying nation that truly wanted blessed by God. The generation that fought in WW 1 had a greater faith in God than people in America have today. Our nation was not trying to run away from God 100 years ago. People today are trying to run from God in this century. People say God Bless America but do they really want God to bless America? Will God bless a people who turn their back on him?

    This memorial not for the Atheistic in Maryland or any other state, its for the soldiers who died in WW 1 who gave their lives we enjoy today.

    If an Atheist is offended, then why do they look at the memorial? I don't look at things that offend me. Maybe the offended Atheist should read some of the early state's constitutions in America. Documents that say for example the following. If a man does not know Jesus as their Savior they are not fit for public service. The document was not forcing any religion upon anybody, but making the case we were one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

    Separation of church and state in our Constitution does not speak to banning "religion". The founders wanted to make sure there was not a state religion created such as existed in England when the colonists left England for America to have religious freedom to worship God as they wished.

    I wonder how well the complaining people really know the history of our country?

  • Atheist Troll

    Know what I do when I do not believe in something…. NOTHING! I DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    I certainly don't join a "CHURCH" with other non believers and waste my time trolling the rest of the population.

  • Becky

    Great post Mike! Exactly what I am thinking. If people don't want to thank God for giving us this country that we fought for to have religious freedom, why don't they leave and see how it is elsewhere. God blessed us because we honored Him and sad to say, a lot of people in our country now don't want to do that anymore so we may not be protected like we once were. Taking the Bible reading and prayer out of schools, wanting to take the 10 Commandments off the wall, In God We Trust off coins, what can we expect? Kids are not all given the option in public anymore to learn about the Lord so they are being raised in more secular ways and does it seem like the crime rate has risen? Shootings, rage, burglaries, drugs more rampant? hmmm May God have mercy on us.

  • Proud American

    Hmmm, You don't like this Country? You don't like the values that this Country was built on? You don't like how Americans honor those that served their Country with the ultimate sacrifice? Feel free to leave! Otherwise, shut-up and don't look at things that may bother you!

  • weimerheimer

    There's a REAL easy answer to solving this problem …… if you don't like it Steven Lowe ….. MOVE!
    Move far, far, far away …. to some remote location away from everyone else and you can be you're own king and ruler of "atheist land".

    This is the problem with America these days. EVERYONE wants "Their Way". Some where along the way people living in FREE America decided that living here means you get what you want.

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