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Push to ban gifts for lawmakers continues

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A push to ban all gifts for lawmakers at the state Capitol continues..

In the midst of a scandal which involved four Philadelphia Representatives, the state senate voted to ban cash gifts to public employees in April.

Some Pennsylvania lawmakers are saying enough is enough..

“I’ve been offered certain things such as tickets to football games that I`ve not accepted because I don`t think that`s the right thing for us to do as legislature,” says Repsentative Stephen Bloom.

After recent allegations that four Philadelphia Representatives accepted cash from a confidential informant – the issue of public officials receiving gifts is now in focus.

“It`s about time it`s long overdue with this unfortunate situation with  the investigation in Philadelphia we finally have the legislative momentum to get it done,” says Rep. Bloom.

The government reform caucus urged action on several bills that would limit or ban public officials from accepting gifts and cash from lobbyists.

In April, the state senate passed a ban on all cash gifts – and Tuesday the push continues to ban all gifts for public employees.

“We want to make sure that the laws are updated, the thresholds for reporting are lowered and that there be full disclosure of what is accepted and that way it`s all transparent,” says Sen. Rob Teplitz.

One of the thresholds that would be lowered includes any expense for transportation, lodging, and hospitality.

Anything valued over $100 must be reported – the current threshold is set at $650.

Lawmakers say the bills are a few examples of how they are trying to create more transparency in government.

“A black eye for one is a black eye for all and I think a lot of us would like to correct that,” says Rep. George Dunbar.

A press conference will take place at noon Tuesday.

Officials want to pass a blanket law before lawmakers go into summer session.

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  • Dennis Carrier

    There are Republicans pushing for reform on this issue and involved in legislation, some of which has already passed. But every time I look, Fox 43 is all giving all their publicity to Democrats on the issue. Including Gene Stilp, a Democrat candidate for the legislature. Your news outfit just gave him a ton of free publicity on Tuesday. His opponent, Sue Helm, should ask for equal time.

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