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Harrisburg artist inspired by Maya Angelou

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Harrisburg artist Dionn Renee, who was inspired by Maya Angelou at a young age, has a special connection with the renowned author.

In fall 2012, when Angelou visited Harrisburg, Dionn had been working on a portrait of Angelou she hoped to give to her.

After Angelou’s appearance at the Forum, Dionn said she raced outside to meet her. Angelou asked her to mail the finished portrait to her. Dionn did and later learned Angelou liked it so much that she displayed in her office in North Carolina.

“It filled my heart, and today it’s breaking my heart to learn that she’s passed,” said Dionn. “I just love how she influences women to stop being a victim and stand up and believe in themselves and be true to themselves.”

View some of Dionn Renee’s work on Facebook here.