Electricity bill on the rise in Pennsylvania

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In light of the rough winter, the Pennsylvania Utility Commission reports an additional electric hike starting June 1st and lasting until at least August.  Price hikes range from 3% for PPL customers to more than 20% with Met-Ed.

In Fairview Township, York County, Elda Bunnell can’t afford to pay her electric bills.  For 48 years, she’s provided people with a place to stay at the Highland Motel.

She says, “You almost have to have a full house every night, it’s rough.”  Bunnell’s unable to fill 22 rooms to make up for last month’s $3000 electric bill.

PUC spokesperson, Jennifer Kocher says, “Electricity purchases were made during winter months.  And we’re still seeing ripple effect of cold winter.  Significant increase in electric prices.”

If turning the lights out completely isn’t an option, most electric companies offer a budget plan.  It works by taking your most recent bill and submitting an average balance of them.

Kocher says the budget plan, “Spreads your bills out over the full year.  You’re still paying for every kilowatt but instead of having spikes during high usage months.”

Kocher also recommends visiting PAPowerSwitch.com.  You’ll find information on how to address this winter’s variable rate issues in the retail electricity market, including additional information on types of rates. One of the additions is a “Things to Consider when Choosing a Fixed or Variable Rate” box on the shopping page, which leads to information and a chart on the differences between fixed and variable rates.