Lawmakers remain divided as House passes ‘In God We Trust’ legislation

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“In God We Trust.” You commonly see it on the back of money both the folding and jingling kinds, and its purpose for being there is simple. “Unite the country,” Representative Rick Saccone said. “That’s what its purpose was and it could unite again. It’s very inspirational.” That motto is why Rep. Saccone sponsored House Bill 17-28 that aims to display the expression in all public schools in the commonwealth. Some lawmakers are not on board.

“Why the legislature has to get involved is really unclear to me,” State Senator Daylin Leach said. “Frankly, religious beliefs are none of the legislators business.” The bill passed through the house, and is making its way to the Senate for consideration. Saccone says he wants to shift the attention of young people to a religious focus, rather than pop culture. “Our kids need positive role models now,” Saccone said. “Our kids are inundated from our culture of negativity, vulgarity, pornography. All kinds of things that our kids get.”

Leach had his own thoughts on Saccone and his efforts. “Who the hell cares what Representative Saccone thinks about religion?” said Leach. “Why does he want to encourage me to hang anything in my school that has to do with religion, it’s just none of his business.” Leach says he will vote against the bill in the senate, and wants lawmakers to focus their attention on poverty and job creation.

Saccone feels that the motto is a part of this country’s heritage and should stay that way. “God is in our motto,” Saccone said. “It’s been there for a hundred and fifty years it’s been on our coins and our currency and I think it’s worthy to expose our children to that.”


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