Sex offenders’ signs publicly identify convicted predators in front yards

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A Florida county sheriff’s office is notifying residents when a convicted sex offender moves into their neighborhood. But rather than send a letter or even post it online, the department is going one step further and placing a bright, red sign right outside their door.

Many residents have praised then new signs in the area while others think it goes too far and could be considered harassment against people have served their jail time.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Many wonder, why let these people out of prison at all? Overcrowding? Served time for the crime?

    Then they are let out and subjected to bullying for the rest of their life to the point that it's become a defined role for them and they cannot change the perception. So why change at all?

    Red signs go overboard and litter the community.

  • Gypsy Smith

    Only the truly ignorant would think this is a good idea. Ignorant because over 90% of those labeled Sex Offenders are NOT predators. That means you are inviting vigilante justice on teenage lovers, old men who could not make it to a bathroom and peed behind a bush, 10 year olds who were curious about their bodies (normal behavior) AND the innocent families of those labeled as sex offenders because most do not live alone. Most live with families, parents, wives and CHILDREN. Whole homes have been firebombed (in one case the offender was not home but his entire innocent family was murdered). Children are harassed, bullied and humiliated with their only crime being they were born to someone who may in fact be innocent but took a plea because stupid people like those that think these signs are a good idea do not listen to evidence and convict everyone accused. At least 25% of those with the sex offender label were falsely accused. I hope this gets changed and fast. It is vicious and ignorant.

  • faeryedark

    I think it’s a stupid idea. Too many innocent are scared into plea deals thinking that will be it. Them after they get out they have more BS to deal with. I have a family member on the registry. I should not have to deal with this. I WILL make a joke of it by having my own signs made and put up with names like Harry Ballz, Mike Hunt etc.

  • justmyopinion

    i completley agree. ESPECIALLY parents, they need to be aware of these people in their area and this way if they dont have access to internet they are still able to keep an eye out. afterall are we not trying to make the world a better place? THIS IS A START… sorry if that sounds rude but we need to do what we have to , to protect our children and the future ..

    • faeryedark

      Sorry but this is nothing but harrassment after a person has done their time. And there are way too many falsely accused. This would hurt families and even make them (including kids) homeless. Floriduh has all sorts of issues because of all the things they do to registrants. I’m waiting for the court challenge on this, it WILL come. These signs have been struck down elsewhere. As for not having internet….go to the library if it’s that important to you. The registry is a joke anyway. Oh, and I believe Floriduh only puts signs in the yards of predators…problem is, even the definition of “predator” is fast and loose in Fla.

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