41st Annual Street Rod Nationals East Plus Officially Underway

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It’s that time of the year again; The 41st Annual Street Rod Nationals East Plus is in full swing.

“We had this car for many years sitting in the garage; raising children and investing our money in our house and my husband said, ‘One day we’re going to finish this car and have fun when the kids grow up and leave,’ and that’s exactly what happened,” said Donna Zenszer.

For Zenszer and her friends, streetrodthe Street Rod Nationals East Plus is a tradition they look forward to every year.

“We’ve been coming for 20 years, every year, never miss,” Zenszer said.

“The street rods, the comradery, being with my friends, the weekend away; it`s great,” said John Hines.

For others, like Gary Steinberg, it’s their first time coming out to enjoy the three day event.

Steinberg says it was worth the wait.

“I’ve been building this truck for 6 years to come and it’s probably one of the most amazing car shows that I’ve seen yet,” he said.

There was certainly a lot to see as hundreds of street rods, muscle cars and trucks filled the York Fairgrounds.

“I’m just astounded on the craftsmanship; the different little aspects, their personal touches on their car. It’s just amazing,” Steinberg added.

The Street Rod Nationals East Plus will continue through Sunday.