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Kids can get “hands-on” with history in York

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Children in York County can get “hands on” with history this summer.
The York County Heritage Trust is hosting Children’s Build It Workshops this summer.
The sessions will be held once a month in June, July and August. They’re geared to inspire creativity and invention in youngsters between the ages of seven and 12.
On Saturday, this month’s session was held, where children could build a Lego amusement park. An instructor from ‘Bricks 4 Kidz’ was  on hand to help. But the fun isn’t over yet.
Daniel Roe, Director of Education for the York County Heritage Trust says, “We’ll have a program featuring our bake oven at the Colonial Courthouse complex, where participants can build a gingerbread house modeled after some of the historic structures; we’ll have a transportation themed session in August.”
In the transportation theme, youngsters will be able to assemble a model inspired by Disney’s ‘Planes’ or engineer a chain reaction.
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