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Is the American Dream out of reach?

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A new poll shows many people living in the United States don’t think they’ll ever achieve “The American Dream.”  It finds about six out of ten Americans believe it is out of reach.

The numbers are more alarming among Millennials saying they were badly battered by the economic downturn more than half believing the dream can’t be attained.

Read more: http://money.cnn.com/2014/06/04/news/economy/american-dream/

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  • KevSco1971

    No. Hard work and success going hand and hand is a scam perpetuated by those who have been fortunate.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Yes. The dream is almost completely out of reach for those lacking the backing to fall back on (family wealth, close contacts) and without a large lottery win.

    The Dream is not a myth but you have more of a chance getting struck by lightning.

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