SWAT Team called after man repeatedly fires gun in early morning hours

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A SWAT Team responded to a home in Dauphin County on Monday around 3AM after a man kept firing his handgun. Police said Dominic Mariani was shooting his gun multiple times at his home on Old Hershey Road in Derry Township. Justin Fetter lives directly across from him. “I could see him through the trees actually fire off several rounds” said Fetter.

Fetter said he heard Mariani fire off thirty rounds, but it didn’t take all thirty rounds for him to react. “First thing I did was grab my gun,” Fetter said. “I didn’t know if it was someone hurting someone else or if they were coming into my house so that was my reaction to protect myself and my family.”


Derry Township Police responded and told Fetter to leave the area while they secured the perimeter. A crisis negotiator was not able to draw Mariani out so the SWAT team was called. “They arrived early this morning,” Derry Township Police Chief Patrick O’Rourke said. “When they pulled up in their Bearcat, their armored vehicle, the suspect decided it was a good time to come out and he did so without resistance.”

According to police, Mariani never pointed the gun at any officers, but had more than 30 guns in his home and alcohol played a contributing factor. For neighbors like Fetter, they feel they dodged a bullet. “Definitely the rounds coming over this way that was, I told my wife you just stay upstairs and stay on the floor.” Police charged Mariani with reckless endangerment.

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    …aaaand hopefully the drunk idiot gets a bill for the charade. Pick one; guns or alcohol; don't mix the two.

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