Mom breastfeeds her baby at her graduation – online debate starts

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A new mother, who started breastfeeding her baby at graduation has started another online debate on public breastfeeding.

Karlesha Thurman, 25, became pregnant her last year at college, and so she brought her new daughter to her graduation.

Picture here:

After the ceremony, Karlesha was proudly showing off her daughter to friends when Aaliyah became hungry. Still dressed in her cap and gown, Karlesha decided to feed her baby and a friend snapped a picture, according to the Daily Mail.


  • Kerri

    OMG First I thought it was high school and I already thought "so what" – it's a beautiful fact of life…for those offended by it, grow up and those who think their kids are witnessing someone inappropriate – it's not someone flashing, it's not someone having sex, it's someone taking care of their child! That's a decent lesson for children!! Anyway, now that I see it's a college student, I'm blown away that it's even a debate – you basically see nothing here!!! You see a happy mother and a nurtured baby! It's a shame this is more acceptable in the forest or wild than in our own communities!!! I was never able to breast feed my kids and it does them a world of good including nutrition and bonding!!! people grow up

    • Joe Bizz

      The only reason for this girl to post this picture is because you are so stuck on yourself you think that anyone cares if you breast feed your child. When actually nobody cares and nobody wants to watch your kid be fed. Isn't she a wonderful mother she breast feeds her baby. Nobody cares.

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