Defense attorney responds after father & son arrested in alleged murder for hire plot

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A York County man is arrested for the second time in less than two months for the same crime, murder for hire.

Police arrested Gregory Hess back in April for allegedly hiring a confidential informant and offering to pay him for more than $30,000 to kill his wife’s boyfriend. While in prison for this crime, police say Hess tried to hire a fellow inmate to kill the informant. The inmate came forward Monday, according to police, telling them Hess offered to pay $15,000, half up front, and the rest when the job was done.

Hess was out on $10 million bail for the past several weeks until his arrest on Wednesday. His attorney questions the timing of the latest arrest. “The Commonwealth has been absolutely shocked that he made bail. I think they feel there was egg on their face, and as a result of that they have gone out of their way, and have gone to extreme measures, to attempt to have my clients bail revoked,” said Defense Attorney Farley Holt.

Toby Hess, Greg’s 19-year old son is also being charged. Police say in early May during Greg’s preliminary hearing his son Toby took a picture on his cell phone of the confidential informant, so the inmate would know who to kill.

“[Greg] He is quite disappointed that he is back in jail. More so, he is more concerned about his son who is now in jail as a result of all of this,” said Holt. Holt said he is still waiting for details on the latest charges, but he has concerns about the credibility and motive of the first confidential informant. “He has a record a mile long. Just on June 2nd, he got charged with giving false identification to a police officer. He has been convicted of crimes from burglary to theft, I believe there is extortion, and it goes right on down the line. I think his motivation could either be, he is being paid as an informant, because as a result of our investigation, we learned he is a hustler; or alternatively, probably more likely than not, he is trying to work off his charges in Dauphin County,” said Holt.

Gregory Hess is charged with Solicitation to commit Criminal Homicide. He has been denied bail.

Toby Hess is charged with Conspiracy to intimidate a witness or victim. Holt said he is working to get Toby granted bail.

The prosecutor declined to comment on the latest arrests.