State Senators put local police radar guns on their radar

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Pennsylvania has the third highest number of speed related deaths, behind Texas and California.

To help combat the problem, members of the State Senate Transportation Committee listened to people from various state-wide municipalities who are pushing for the use of radar guns.

PA is the only state in the country where local police officers do not use radar.  Instead, they use devices similar to speedwatches.  State Police use the radar gun.  Those testifying in front of committee members say radar will not only crack down of speeders, but it will save lives.  Chairman, John Rafferty (R-44th District) says currently there are two bills in the Senate and at least 3 bills in the House regarding the use of radar guns.

Senator Rafferty says, “Our police departments have all the same utensils as state police to fight crime.  They can use guns, tasers, radios, red and blue lights, but we don’t give them the one tool that most people complain about- speeding.”

Rafferty says the biggest hurdle in moving the bills forward is legislators in the General Assembly believe local police will use the radar guns for revenue.  But Rafferty says if passed, revenue from speeding tickets would be set aside for programs such as cadet training.  Senator Rafferty hopes to move the bill sometime this fall.

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