Use of radar guns by local police to be discussed in Senate Transportation Committee

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Local police in Pennsylvania may soon be able to use radar guns to track your speed on the roads.
Tuesday the Senate Transportation Committee will hold a hearing on the technology.
It’s something that has been around since World War II, and now local police chiefs are pushing to use radar guns here in Pennsylvania to enhance public safety.
Right now local police must rely on stop watches to time cars traveling between two white lines painted on the street.
“The only agency authorized to use speeding devices are the Pennsylvania State Police,” says Lancaster Police Chief, Keith Sadler.
Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Administration found Pennsylvania had the third-highest number of speeding fatalities in the country in 2011.
But many say senate bill 1340 could change that.
If this legislation passes, opponents are worried about radar gun abuse – concerned it could leave some with harsh punishment, in the back seat of a cop car.
“By that rational, then every single piece of equipment that law enforcement uses, you could probably say the same thing about,” says Chief Sadler.
That’s not the only objection… some feel it could lead to a major increase in fines.
“Giving tickets for speeding with the radar could be just one more thing that they’ll just pile more on the citizens,” says Lancaster County resident, Betsy Basom.
The senate hearing begins at 9:30am Tuesday, stay with FOX43 for updates.


  • KevSco1971

    I'm sorry but they should allow the professionals with the PSP to use them (I believe they already can) and continue prohibiting the small town speed tax assessors.

  • O'Brien

    Ask these chiefs to consolidate into county depts before you permit radar use. The PSP isn't looking to pull their boro/twp out of bankruptcy by showering drivers with tickets like locals will. PA drivers also enjoy lower car insurance rates because locals lack radar.

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