Business owners feel pressure in the heat

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TNT Pizza and Wings owner, Dean Lake, is concerned his bushels of crabs will overheat because the cooling unit is broken.

Lake says, “It was working fine last season and we went to fire it up and here it doesn’t work.”

Lake needs the system running at 53 degrees to hold at least 100 bushels of crabs ahead of his busiest season.

He says, “If not, they freeze up, they’re so used to being in the waters and when winter hits, they bury under sand so they can keep warm.”

Speaking of winter, remember the freezing conditions?  Accurate Air co-owner, Dan Hopple couldn’t keep enough people warm this winter.  Now, the heating and cooling expert says business remains steady as summer heats up.

Hopple says, “When it gets humid outside, it can overwhelm the drain, especially if it’s got a clog in it and cause water damage.”

Hopple suggests you change your filter every 30 days, unclog coils and clear out condensate drains.

He says, “It’s their cost of electric; it’s going to help them benefit, go through the whole year with AC, not without.”

Experts say a qualified technician should perform a regular AC tune up.  That will cost you around $80.  It’s also recommended you stay on top of annual maintenance, otherwise you could end up needing a new unit which will cost you around $2,000.

For more tips, contact the Department of Energy


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