Dept. of Agriculture to distribute milk through food banks

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It’s dairy month in Pennsylvania, and a new pilot program is giving Pennsylvanians access to milk at food banks in 27 counties.

Agriculture secretary George Greig joined partners from the Central PA Food Bank, Harrisburg Dairies, and representatives from several dairy associations that will be giving out milk to affiliates across the state. The milk will be shipped to Harrisburg Dairies by local dairy farmers to be processed for the food bank. The program is designed to help the 55,000 people served by the food bank.

“There really is no charitable network in the country that is sustainable delivering milk to people in need,” says Joe Arther, Executive Director for Central PA Food Bank. “Starting today, we’re going to change that here in Central Pennsylvania.”

95% of food banks nationwide report they do not get enough milk to meet clients’ needs.

Pennsylvania is the nation’s 5th-largest milk producer and home to more than 7,800 dairy farm families.

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