4-day female air race in New Cumberland

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Women make up only 6% of the entire pilot population. But some local pilots are using an event to show the sky’s the limit for women.

The Air Race Classic started in 19-29 when women couldn’t fly– and now women continue to fly in the 4 day race. This year’s race took-off last week as racers moved through 10 intermediate stops starting in California and ending at the Capitol City Airport in New Cumberland, Cumberland County.

Pilots had to fly through all kinds of weather, sometimes going from 29 degree freezing rain and snow to 90 degree weather.

We spoke to the winning team called “The Racing Aces” and they say it’s something you don’t see in men’s competitions.

“What the Air Race Classic does is it bring awareness that there are female pilots out there and that there’s options for girls that are going into a profession with over a 100 pilots that race each year, that’s a lot pilots just getting the word out,” Racing Aces Pilot Dianne Stanger said.

Stanger’s co-pilot Joyce Wilson says this is her first time competing in a race like this one.

“I think it really helps women understand that we don’t have limitations, we can do whatever we want to do we just have to set our mind to it,” Wilson said.

The race  was made up of 52 teams  who were all  competing for a championship title. Pilots raced against their own best speed in a small airplane of their choice.
The Racing Aces took home a cash prize of 5,000 dollars as well as new headsets and aviator watches made only for women.