Attorney General Kane receives Sandusky report findings

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Attorney General Kathleen Kane is leaving it up to the public to decide if the Jerry Sandusky investigation was carried out properly. A long-awaited report was released that gives the timeline leading to Sandusky’s prosecution.

After a 33-month investigation, unfiled charges and no law enforcement involvement, Kane initiated an investigation to take a closer look at Sandusky’s prosecution.

Kane asked Special Deputy Attorney General Geoffrey Moulton to lead the investigation, and the report concluded that the investigation did take longer than it should have. Moulton said it took from March 2009 to March 2010 to charge Sandusky.

“There was a lack of urgency on the part of leadership,” Kane said. “Why, we don’t know that. That’s up to the public decide.”

Some feel the delay led to a successful investigation.

“Sexual assault cases take very long, incredibly complex,” Victim Advocate of Commonwealth of PA, Jennifer Storm said. “When you’re dealing with a serial predator, with a status of Jerry Sandusky, you want to make sure every stone is unturned.”

“When the search did happen, it uncovered unquestionable valuable evidence,” Moulton said. ” Photos of victims and lists of second mile campers with asterisks next to some names.”

The report demonstrated then Attorney General Tom Corbett did not delay the process for political reasons. After the report was released, Governor Corbett said, “the investigation was handled properly.”

Sandusky’s wife, Dottie said, “the reason Jerry was not arrested sooner is because he is innocent.”

Kane feels the Sandusky case will serve as guideline for prosecutors while ensuring the safety of children.

“We want children is PA and all across the country to be protected and this case can be one study for prosecutors,” Kane said.