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Illegal immigrants rally for driver’s licenses

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Dozens of illegal immigrants rallied on the steps of the state Capitol Monday. They’re fighting for the right to get a Pennsylvania driver’s license, in support of House Bill 1648.

If the bill passes, it would affect hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the state who say they need this state ID, and they need to legally drive. But Republicans say it’s not the state’s job to allow that.

At the rally, undocumented immigrants and their families – including their children – spoke out about how the bill would change their lives.

“There are a lot of people out there hoping and praying that this bill is passed,” says Chelsea Bonilla, whose husband cannot legally drive because of his undocumented status. “Not only for their own benefits, but for the benefit of their families and the safety of millions of people.”

Supporters sang songs, chanting “Si se puede,” and many of the remarks were in Spanish.

“It’s a right for us to have a driver’s license,” says supporter Jose Luna. “We need to drive, we need to bring the bacon, we need to eat, we need to work, we pay taxes.”

But opponents say it shouldn’t be the state’s job to legitimize illegal immigrants with a state ID. Steve Miskin, press secretary for house majority leader, state Rep. Mike Turzai (R-28th), says most Republicans will not support this bill and it should be up to the federal government to decide the issue.


  • glockon

    Here's a thought. Why doesn't ICE go to these rallies and grab all the illegals. Have a bus and plane ready to fly them home. Love when your illegal and think you have rights

  • Just Me

    NO, NO, & NO again!!!! What part of illegal don't these folks get? They came into the US illegally, what makes folks think for one second that they will obey our traffic laws were they to be granted the privilege
    of having drivers' licenses? ICE needs to step-up and clean-up the illegal situation in this country NOW!!!

  • Kerri

    If you want a license so bad, then do what you have to do to become a legal citizen; if you can't then there's your answer – go home~! Honestly cannot believe they think they can be *illegal* immigrants and get a license – see people we've given them too much – this is like spoiled children who have everything that they didn't earn but never can never have enough!!! This takes – well you know…

  • John

    Are you freaking kidding?! You are ILLEGAL, hence you have no rights here and you should be deported. The Constitution protects the rights of CITIZENS of which you are not. You should not be granted any benefit within the US as long as you are an illegal. No IDs, no education, no jobs, no housing, no healthcare….nothing!!!! Just leave!

  • Jonny

    We have thousands of homeless people in this country living in the backseats of cars and no federal help.

    Why are we obligated to house these ILLEGAL people? They already get FREE healthcare at hospitals. What’s next – giving them free food, voting rights, and a EBT card / welfare check? Good grief! Americans like myself are struggling. I’m employed (temp work) but can’t afford health insurance. I don’t drive much either cause I can’t afford gas. My basic $19/month car insurance from Insurance Panda probably won’t cover me for huge accidents either. I cut cable and internet and I haven’t been out to eat or to the movies in god knows how long. It infuriates me that these people who don’t even belong here are getting more freebies than tax paying, law abiding citizens like myself!

    Illegal alien show up and all of sudden the DHHS can buy a college to house them.

    Obama administration at its usual – SNAFU.

    • Nero

      if u dont have a job, where i work there are in need of people to work out in the orchards in the HOT heat they are in need of full time people ,overtime people. If you dont like working hard like us then thats probably the reason why ur are employed part time ..we aint here to take other peoples jobs we are here to work hard and have a better future …
      but other people just start criticizing us with out knowing the kind of people we are when I’ve seen citizens doing lots of thing to hurt this country illegal people don’t get benefits from the government because they can’t apply for them the illegal situation won’t allow them to get them .from all the with ppl that i’ve known in my life 20% are good working people that love this country but the other 80% are just trashy people that love doing lots of drugs they don’t like working i don’t go to far my neighbours just got picked up for authority for steeling from wal-mart yesterday big and clear example and none of them both worked very young people ..and they have the sources how to look for a job but they will not do it …

  • Common Sense

    Our country is made up of immigrants from all over the globe. My family are immigrants and are here legally. My father learned the language, worked hard at a blue collar position and raised his family to love this country. If one desires to live in the USA and to be part of its culture, then abide by its laws. Full rights of a United States citizen are for legal citizens. Let's stop pampering people who demand equal rights but are openly breaking the law, draining our resources, not paying taxes, and not learning the culture. Become a Legal Immigrant…plain and simple.

  • Nero

    wow i love how ignorant this white people is ..this illegals pay taxes to the government and we heard it clearly

  • Dan

    It's amazing how those who break the law feel they have the right to make demands and be treated just like those who follow it. Years ago it started with 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Yet, I have never seen anything done for other languages.
    To top things off, we have some politicians who want to bring immigrants into America to work. Example, the governor of Michigan who would like to bring up to 50,000 over a five year period to work in his state. Yet we have millions of American citizens out of work and students graduating from college and universities looking for work.
    Now we have illegals making demands in front of government buildings and ICE and our federal government just and watch instead of rounding them up to deport. Let's not forget there are some politicians who want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote.
    What is going on with our so-called leaders? What has happened to protecting our nation and the rights of American citizens?

    • Nero

      maybe he knows better what Michigan needs cuz here is this big example here in pa 138 EBT cards in use of dead people .. now tell me are we Americans contributing to the economy of the US.? and obviously this people ain’t illegals cuz they have not been registered in the US

  • Jeffe

    Get these criminals out of here. A wrong becomes a right because enough people do it intentionally? I'll be damned. They have no rights. They're not entitled to a damn thing.

  • Finkster

    Where were the State Troopers. Why didn't the Governor have them detained and Bussed out of the state. Send them down to DC and drop them off with Obama. Get them out of Pennsylvania. End of Story.

  • Jesse

    Driving is a PRIVILAGE not a right. Also I had no idea undocumented people payed taxes Mr Luna..show me your tax forums not a receipt from Walmart.

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