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Steelton man arrested for trespassing in vacant building

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Clarence Adams

A 65-year-old  man was arrested Sunday after police say he broke into a condemned building on the 200 block of Lincoln Street in Steelton.

According to the Steelton Police Department, Clarence Robert Adams found asleep inside the building around 2:15 a.m. while police were performing a routine property check on the vacant structure.

Adams was arrested charged with criminal trespass.

Police say the building Adams broke into had been condemned when a church partially collapsed on Saturday night.

Adams was  taken to Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail.

A preliminary hear is scheduled for July 1.



  • Concerned

    What happened to the days when the police would have handled this with a happy ending? How about taking this guy to the local mission? A hot shower, food, maybe some new clothes, something to eat and a safe place to sleep. Some of the local missions would even help this guy get back on his own with help and support. Instead they just put him in jail and the vicious circle continues. Come on …… What ever happened to officer friendly ? No wonder today's youth are afraid of the police, look at the example they set. This story could have had a different ending.

  • weimerheimer

    The man is obviously HOMELESS. I agree …. led a helping hand. i can guarantee if you put any of those officers or even the judge in a situation where they had to survive on the street they would've sought a place to sleep like that as well. It's human nature and survival.

    Hey …. why should we take care of our own homeless people? We have all those illegal immigrants we feel responsible to take care of now.

    Talk about a messed up country! This country is too far gone … it'll never be the same or respected.

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