President Obama wants paid leave for mothers of newborns

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  • Mady

    I know it is not politically correct to disagree with "family friendly" regulations but I feel someone should speak up on behalf of those of us who have to fund these programs like businesses, single and or voluntarily childless couples. Where are our rights to keep what we earned and support our lifestyles or put the money back into our business to grow it? I'm not against paid family leave in theory, but who is going to pay for it? Why does the government have to fund these things on the backs of business and those of us not interested in supporting children in our own lives?

    We've already seen the fiasco of Obamacare and the small amount of enrollees who actually signed up and the emerging numbers of them who still can't afford it. This series of regulations alone(ACA/PPACA/HRA) have caused businesses not to be able to grow more jobs or bring the economy back from the brink. Where does Obama think he's going to get the money for this regulation? Unpaid FMLA has already cost employers additional administration and payroll dollars, let alone those employees who have to cover hours and duties for the multiple maternity leave employees. Why should we now also have to pay out of pocket for their time off with additional payroll taxes?

    I think to be fair, then those of us who are childless should have paid time off to go to college, rescue animals (these may be our families), take a paid sabaticle from having to fill in for all of the maternity leaves we've covered for and are burned out from. I think a "I'm going back to college and I need books" shower or "I'm adopting a new pet" shower would be appropriate to make up for all of baby showers we single folks have subsidized over the years!

    I don't think a payroll tax out of my pocket subsidizing newborn leave is fair. I also think my employer could use that additional money to compensate ALL employees, not just a few. If the government proposed that we take payroll takes to take [aid time off for golf days, or to search for an animal to adopt; the whole country would be angry. But because we are talking children, everyone is supposed to get on the band wagon here and support paying. Well, a good amount of us out here in the workforce don't want children and see no need to the subsidize the population growth of those that do. Don't have them if you can't afford them, children are a choice! This is a personal choice and I don't think that we single, voluntarily childless employees out here still paying our taxes and putting in our time have to subsidize it anymore than families should subsidize my choice to buy additional education, a car, a house a boat, etc.. If I feel strongly in favor of this family issue and children, I should be asked to contribute; just don't stick your hand in my pocket and make me sacrifice my lifestyle choices I work hard for so others can have theirs!

    Maybe news media and government should be aware and publicize that there are more sides to this issue than just the "newborn mothers" issue! There are costs for the "freebies".

  • KevSco1971

    But you do when you're need for the short-term disability benefit comes up or you require the use of your medical benefits. What needs to happen is this needs to be come wrapped up in a similar program as other insurance benefits and yes, when the rest of the civilized world can figure it out so can this country.

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