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Truck repaired for Good Samaritan who stopped robber

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Back in April, a York County woman followed a robber out of a PNC Bank and helped police catch the crook. Now she’s getting help from a man who saw her story.

Tina Gleim made a quick decision when she witnessed the bank robbery. She followed the man out and then drover her truck into his getaway car. Police were able to nab him moments later when his car broke down.

But the incident caused about $3,500 worth of damages. It would have been totaled- but Dennis Tyndall, of 1st Avenue Collision auto repair in Red Lion, saw the story and wanted to help.

“It’s rare to see someone to do that, but you can’t really tell until you’re in that situation,” says Tyndall. “I’m hoping most people would have done it, the same thing.”

He says the truck’s sentimental value to Gleim made it worth the repairs. His crew found the parts from salvage yards.

He says Gleim showed unique bravery.

“I think it’s a dying thing right now,” he says. “I would hope somebody would help me out.”