York County Prison is the site of anti-deportation rally

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People are gathering in York County and calling for President Obama to listen. Immigrant families and local advocates teamed up to rally at the York County Prison on Saturday for the “National Day To Stop Separating Families.”
More than 100 people gathered against family separation caused by deportations in immigrant communities.
York County Prison is one of the largest detention centers that houses immigrant detainees, and families who know the pain of separation say they want to show their support.
“It’s important to come out here and show the detainees that are inside, to let them know that we’re here to support them, give them a little bit of hope. I know how it feels, I understand the families completely because I was there and if they have faith, everything’s going to be okay,” says Pilar Molina of Norristown, PA.
Advocates want President Obama to take immediate action to keep families from being torn apart.
A recent surge in hundreds of children coming across the U.S./Mexican border is complicating the President’s decision on easing the Deportation Policy.


  • Sam

    The ones protesting should adopt the illegal kids. Feed them and pay all there food and
    medical bills. Each one protesting should be given 15 illegal kids. And there parents. And if
    they can't afford it , get 2 or 3 jobs.

  • Amy

    Wonder where illegals breaking the law plays a part in keeping families together . Society has lost all ability to apply logic and reason for poor me/ them syndrome

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