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Deadline to pass the state budget less than 24 hours away

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It’s getting down to the wire for state lawmakers, as the deadline to pass the budget is now less than 24 hours away.

Monday at midnight is the deadline to pass the budget – the goal now is to finalize a budget both democrats and republicans can agree on.

The house passed its $29.1 billion dollar budget on Wednesday, which included revenue from the sale of state liquor stores, and funding for K-12 education, and higher education.

“I think it’s important we have a responsible budget that balances but also does right by school kids, seniors, veterans, working families, that tries to undo some of the harm that’s been done over the past few years,” says Sen. Rob Teplitz, a democrat representing the 15th district.

Now lawmakers say a common ground, but mostly republican based budget is almost ready for Governor Tom Corbett’s signature.

“This is a sensible budget that does not ask the taxpayers for any tax revenue,” says Rep. Stephen Bloom, a republican representing the 199th district.

One of the hot topics in the debate back and forth between democrats and republicans has been should there be a severance tax?

And if not, where will the money come from to fill the budget’s deficit?

“Well I think the senate democrats are united in a moderate to low severance tax on Marcellus Shale and also not selling the liquor system, but modernizing it so that it can actually bring in more revenue,” says Teplitz.

Governor Corbett has said in the past he hasn’t ruled out a severance tax, but wants the pension system reformed first.

“You know what I’ve said, I’ve said we’ve got to see some movement on cost drivers before we talk revenue,” says Gov. Tom Corbett.

The plan doesn’t raise taxes, but according to the Senate Appropriations Committee, it raises the total general fund spending about $500 million dollars – which is up almost 2% from the current year.

Meanwhile, Corbett says he’s waiting for the spending plan to be brought to his desk by midnight Monday.

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