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Officer accused of speeding on the phone, changes tune when he finds out he’s being recorded

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This truck driver is accusing this police officer for speeding while on a mobile phone.

The officer then told the trucker he was going to write him a ticket for “unlawful use of a horn.” He also said police are allowed to use technology while driving.

After the trucker told the police officer that this conversation was being recorded, the officer walked back to his cruiser, came back with the truck drivers information, and said he would not be getting a ticket.

Brian Miner uploaded the video to YouTube last week. Check it out above.

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  • wn090

    Actually, we are exempt from the technology laws, not sure why this trooper decided to go back on what he said, maybe to avoid confrontation, but we are. We need to use cell phones to patch through to the desk officer if someone (victim/complainant) needs to get in contact with us. It's not like the movies, we don't talk to people over the radio. The radio is for dispatchers and officers to communicate and can't be disrupted by one officer conversing with someone, everyone on air would hear it and no one else would be able to transmit if they had an emergency. The desk officer will patch a call to our cell so that our private number is not compromised.
    Speeding on the other hand, no, we are not exempt. If he was speeding its his fault, but the trucker doesn't know how much. I never pull anyone over unless they are going 15 over on the highway, and even then I'll only give them a warning up to 20, anything more than 20 over and they get a ticket.
    We are out there to help you, we will occasionally speed, so do you. Just realize, not every call we go on do we put our lights and siren on, sometimes its better and more tactical to just speed up a little and go on down the road as undetectable as possible.

  • Joseph King

    I saw a Tinton Falls NJ police officer texting while holding up a line of traffic at a light, he was making a left turn I was on his right. I was going to snap a picture of this but like everyone else was probably thinking if they blow their horn they will get a ticket. I on the other hand didn't want a ticket for using my cell phone to snap that picture.

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