Police rescue Pit bull, Facebook post goes viral

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Two police officers in Arlington Texas responded to a report of a “threatening” dog and end up feeding him and helping him back home.

Sergeant Gary Carter and Officer Heather Gibson were responding to a call about a burglar alarm when people flagged them down claiming a pit bull was chasing them in an “aggressive” manner. One woman reportedly yelled to the officers “This dog is so vicious, please get him.”

After seeing the dog for themselves Carter said,  “He was friendly, he was more trying to make friends than hurt anybody.”

“Pit bulls, to the general public, have a bad reputation. People associate pit bulls with danger just like they associate guns with danger,” Carter said.

Carter and Gibson coaxed the dog to their patrol car with a protein bar and put a photo on the station’s Facebook page hoping to find it’s owner. The post quickly went viral with thousands of shares and likes.

“Thank you for your compassion and breaking 2 stereotypes! May this pup find his loving home forever, and the Officer be praised for his love and patience!” one commenter wrote.

“A nice contrast to the all-too-common-lately posts of cops shooting dogs in the dog’s own yard. We need more like this officer!” another commenter wrote.

The Arlington Police Department has mandatory training for officers to identify aggressive and non aggressive animals and how to respond in those situations.

The dog, Jeffery, was taken to a local animal shelter and later reunited  with his owner.

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  • Renee Arismendez

    Where does the Arlington Police get this training? I would like to get this training for our department.

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