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World War II Veteran searching for girls who gave him cash

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Joe Sheetz fought in Iwo Jima during World War II, and made it back when thousands of his brothers did not. “I can’t even go to the memorial cause I know I’d see names on there that would bring memories back that I don’t need to have right now,” Sheetz said. There is one memory he will hold dear for the rest of his life thanks to a chance encounter with two young girls. It happened while he was shopping with his wife Marilyn at the York Galleria Mall.

Like any man while shopping for his wife, Sheetz said he got exhausted and sat down on a bench to take a rest. That’s when the girls approached him. “They said Jesus sent us over here with this gift,” Sheetz said. “And right away I thought it was religious people and they would give us pamphlets and things like that.”

Instead of a pamphlet it was a fifty dollar bill. He did not think to ask their names and before he knew it, they were gone. Now, he is on a mission to find them. “I know there’s going to be a lot of warmth in my heart when I meet them,” Sheetz said. Sheetz said he believes the girls could have been coached on what to say by their parents and is grateful to see them pay it forward. “The world is changing,” Sheetz said. “It makes me so happy that youth can help participate to change this world.” It’s a change for the better.

Sheetz said he plans to hold onto the cash until he finds the girls and thank them. From there, Sheetz plans to donate the money to an organization that helps veterans.

If you know the girls or there parents than email Eames Yates at!

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