VIDEO: Police officer pushes over man in wheelchair

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A police officer in Lafayette, Indiana will keep his job after he pushes over a man in a motorized wheelchair.

Lieutenant Tom Davidson responded to a call about an armed man near a charter school. Police did not find a gun on 25-year-old Nicholas Kincade, but he did have a pocket knife.

Police told Kincade he could be charged with trespassing because school officials said he wasn’t welcome near the school.

According to Chief Patrick J. Flannelly, Kincade ran over Lieutenant Davidson’s foot as he was leaving and Davidson reacted by pushing Kincade causing the wheelchair to tip over.

Kincade was arrested on a count of battery on a law enforcement officer, but the charge was later dismissed.

After an internal investigation Flannelly recommended Davidson’s termination, but the Lafayette Police Civil Service Commission voted not to fire him. Davidson was demoted and placed on one year probation, along with a 30-day unpaid suspension.

The department released the dashcam video in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

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  • Annonymous

    The office should be fired for brutality. The guy in the wheelchair only ran over a foot. Where is the justice in this?

  • coronado

    it could have been more….look at Austin Tx cop shoots older man when he calls about pit bull dogs in back yard and he gets shot and killed after he called the police,,,,police was F?N more worried about someone other than himself had a gun with a permit and killed him>>>>> A H he was found not guilty

    hahahah that was bad

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