Celebrating America at Gettysburg reenactment

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Thousands flocked to Gettysburg for reenactments of the three-day battle, which happened right before Independence Day, 151 years ago.
For them, it’s better to celebrate the holiday with cannon fire, than fireworks.

On Saturday, reenactors brought to life the “Wheatfield” battle, when the Confederates attacked and troops fought hand-to-hand combat in the smoky field.

“Visually it gives you goosebumps to see what happened back then,” says George Remak, visiting from Poconos.
“To see some of what history brought the country to where it is, you don’t look at north, south, it’s just a part of history.”

Artist Bruce Lawes has been invited to paint at the reenactment two years in a row. Many of his works are sold at auction to benefit historical preservation organizations.

“It’s been a great experience meeting people from actually all over the world here,” says Lawes.