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Coroner identifies woman killed in Newberry train crash

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One Dead, and Two Injured After a Train Hits a Family’s Car in York County

The York County Coroner has released the name of the woman who died in Saturday’s train accident in Newberry Township.

Cori Elizabeth Sisti, 23, of New Cumberland was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday to determine the manner and cause of death.

The crash occurred at 4:53 p.m. Saturday when Sisti, a man, and her child were on their way to a family gathering near Susquehanna River Newberry Township police said.

The car was driving across the tracks on Cly Road when the train hit the car broadside, on its passenger side and pushed it down the tracks.

The male driver Akim S. Jones-Williams is listed in critical condition at York Hospital.

The couple’s 2-year-old  daughter was flown to Penn State Hershey Medical Center and is currently listed in critical condition.

Norfolk Southern says the train was pulling 45 empty cars and the track speed is 40 miles per hour in this area. Officials will review the computer system on the train for records of its speed and other details.

Sgt. Richard Rocco with Newberry Township Police says, “Newberry Township Police and Norfolk Southern will be investigating from all angles to see what took place. The car was pushed approximately 45 yards down the tracks and then basically pushed off the tracks into a wooded area.”

Two crew members were on board the train at the time, they were not injured.

Norfolk Southern says this is a crossing on private property and that’s why there are no gates or warning lights. A representative says there is a crossing sign. He says the agreement on safety features at a private crossing is decided between the property owner and the railroad.

Police say documents show the family listed at an address in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County. The accident is still under investigation.



  • kerri

    OMG what a shame, 23 years old! So sad…I have gone here a million times, really too many to count in the past and I have to admit I really never look, you look but you don't look if that makes any sense because more often then not you assume there are no trains coming…I still go down there once and a while and I honestly can tell you that a train coming through there is rare (or I have just *always* hit it at lucky times)…I'm not saying I never seen a train there but it's very few-and-far between, and even seen trains near there "parked" but I do not even know this girl (apparently some of my friends do) and it keeps running through my head – "How???" and "Why???" way too young. I hope the daughter and the fiancé will be okay. I looked at her Facebook, beautiful girl and apparently very loving and friendly…God rest her soul and be with the loved ones who will need it so much right now…so sorry for your loss!!!

  • amy

    this makes 3 lives in ten years that i know about and its too many whether its a private road or not its the responsibility of the rail road company to have cautions !!!!!! god rest her soul i feel for her family

    • View Point

      Maybe you should read the law on RR crossing before commenting. Most driver don't know the different RR crossing sign types or what they mean. This same signage is used in many countries around the world.
      Driving is a privilege not a RIGHT.

  • MyViewpoint

    Not familiar with the crossing but train horns are typically sounded before approach and as it enters intersections. Trains are huge and, still not familiar with this crossing, should be able to be observed before getting to an intersection. They aren't deer.
    Not saying this was an issue in this wreck, but also a real driving issue is loud music, headsets and cell phone usage in vehicles. Examples such as this wreck is why it's important to be attentive.

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