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Millions up for auction at New Hope Charter School

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If you want a new mac laptop for a quarter of the original cost, you could find it at New Hope Charter School.  Millions of dollars worth of materials from the academy are now up for auction.  This comes after the York City School District revoked the school’s charter.

Dom Sumpter is looking to buy around $15,000 worth of items for his Christian School in Virginia.

He says, “When you can afford pennies on the original dollar and be able to purchase to take into your work and influence the same kind of kids.  We’re looking at computers, microscopes, athletic equipment, tables, a little bit of everything they have.”

Since New Hope lost its charter, the academy has to sell off everything.

Director of Curriculum, Sharon Hagenberger says, “Then all proceeds go to finishing out any bills, creditors and then any money left gets divided among the school districts that we had students from.”

A majority of students live within the York City School District.

Bidders are looking at millions of dollars worth of materials like a iMac unit which originally costs around $2000.  It took nearly 3 years to aquire the items.

Hagenberger says, “It’s sad because I saw what our kids could do.”

For bidders, the auction’s an unforeseen benefit.

If you’re interested in bidding, head to the auction site at Jenningsassetliquidations.com