Erica Klinger’s parents react to homicide charges; want justice for daughter

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Justice for Erica Klinger.
That’s what her parents are asking for now after Dauphin County District Attorney, Ed Marsico announced an arrest in the 27 year old’s death.
Erica was reported missing on June 8th, then last week police found her body in Perry County.
Her parents had strong words for the man who police say is responsible.
Charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse, Luis Lugo-Davila left his arraignment this afternoon saying, “I didn’t kill her, it was an accident,” in Spanish.
“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, my daughter did not deserve this. I want the death penalty, I’m not going to accept this and watch him sit in jail and think about my daughter and stuff… for the taxpayers to keep him in there… No they can go right to the death penalty, or the electric chair, I don’t care,” says Erica’s father, Lawrence Klinger.
Police say Lugo-Davila strangled Erica to death after an argument over heroin at the Hollywood Motel on June 8th in Swatara Township, Dauphin County.
They say he then attempted to conceal the crime.
Erica’s body was found last week along route 11-15 in Perry County… and now her family wants justice.
Not only do they want Lugo-Davila to be charged, but Maria Lara as well… someone Erica used to call a friend.
Lara was caught driving Erica’s car after her death, but is not charged in the homicide, police say she wasn’t involved.
“Put them both asleep, if they’re both guilty, put them both asleep or give them the electric chair,” says Lawrence Klinger.
The family says while today brought closure, nothing will bring Erica back.
“I don’t want to eat, it’s just a constant memory…” says Erica’s mother, Michelle Klinger.
Erica’s family says the next step in this process is to have a funeral and proper burial for their daughter.
Lugo-Davila is being held without bail in Dauphin County.