Dept of Health releases tanning bed registration application and info

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Tanning Bed Ban Bill

The Department of Health today announced that the new application for registering a tanning facility with the department, per the requirements of Act 41 of 2014, is now available on the department’s website, along with a frequently asked questions document and additional information about the new law.

Act 41 of 2014, also known as the Indoor Tanning Regulation Act, took effect on July 7, 2014. Per the law, an individual, corporation, partnership, proprietorship or association operating a tanning facility must apply for a certificate of registration with the department for each tanning facility location that is operating in the commonwealth. Any place where a tanning device is used for a fee, membership or any other compensation is considered a tanning facility.

“The department recognizes that we are trying to reach a broad audience as the law applies to not only retail tanning shops, but also many gyms, beauty salons, apartment buildings and other locations that may offer tanning for a fee,” Secretary of Health Michael Wolf said. “We want to ensure that we are providing all of the appropriate entities with information and giving them time to prepare for the eventual inspection process.”

Registrations must now be completed annually. Initial registration or annual renewal registration fees are $150 for the first two sun lamp products, $300 for a facility that operates more than two sun lamp products, plus $20 for each additional tanning bed in excess of 10 beds. If a change of registration information is required, there is no fee.

Facility inspections will begin in May 2016. As the date approaches, more information will be made available from the department to the tanning industry.

For additional information and to download the application, visit Questions regarding the registration application can be directed to the department’s Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification at 717-783-8665.

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