What Lurks Below: How to detect skin damage before it surfaces

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scary skinMedical esthetician Hillary Lebouitz-Schaefer stresses the importance of skin care. Lebo Skin Care Center offers a skin scan to show you what’s beneath the surface of your face. She talks about her patients’ reactions once they realize what lurks below the surface.

” They are shocked, scared, ” says Lebo Skin Care Center Hillary Lebouitz- Schaefer, “a lot of times they are even in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s it shows what you may look like if you start to protect your skin and don’t stop getting out of the sun.”

It is crucial to make sure you keep that sunscreen on and also to be aware of the changes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has made when it comes to sun protection products.

“The FDA changed all the sunscreen levels,” says Lebouitz-Schaefer, “they can’t be up to 100 anymore, maximum is a 50. The ones that have the mixture of both Zinc and Avobenzone tend to have more coverage than some of the other ones so it’s not look for a brand, it’s the ingredients give enough UVA, UVB protection.”

The waterproof sunscreen should be applied every 40 minutes and as far as the spray-on sunscreen, it may not be completely protecting your skin.

“Sometimes they are not blocking out UVA and UVB some of those chemicals only block out UVB,” says Lebouitz-SchaeferĀ  so you are able to not burn but you are going to be aging and still have risk.”


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