Weather Changes On The Way!

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Cue the humidity!

We’ll turn more humid as the weekend progress.


Saturday, an area of high pressure slides over us.


In the afternoon, that area of high pressure will sit off the east coast.  As a result, it will send us warmer, more humid air from the south (because of clockwise airflow around the high).


We’ll soar to 88 Saturday afternoon.


While we’ll have mostly sunny skies for most of the day, in the afternoon a few storms with heavy rain will bubble up across our area.

Andrea Michaels will keep you covered Saturday night.


Any storms that do appear on Skytracker Doppler radar will end after sunset.


On Sunday, we’ll repeat Saturday’s weather with one big difference: expect widespread thunderstorms in the afternoon with heavy rain and strong, gusty winds.


Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann will keep an eye on Skytracker Doppler radar all day and update you Sunday night if necessary (Andrea has the night off).  Keep an eye on MaryEllen’s Facebook and Twitter, too.


On Monday and Tuesday, we’ll have very humid conditions, mostly cloudy skies, and some strong storms with gusty winds.


We hit 90 on Monday and 86 on Tuesday.


The strong storms come those days because a much, much cooler and less humid air mass that arrives on Wednesday.


Any time weather opposites butt up against each other (very hot vs. much cooler and very humid vs not humid), we get strong storms.


So, enjoy the payoff on Wednesday: low humidity, sunny skies, and a below average high of 78.


We return to 80 on Thursday with sunshine.


The dry conditions last through at least Friday.  The high noses up to 84 (closer to our average high of 86) and some humidity will return as well.


-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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