Harrisburg City Councilwoman refers to downtown as ‘Sodom and Gommorah’

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On any given weekend, you can find hundreds of people flocking to downtown Harrisburg.

However, the thriving entertainment district is not well received by everyone, including City Council member Sandra Reid.

At a city council meeting Tuesday, Reid said Harrisburg was a small city with very large problems; One of those problems being it’s downtown entertainment district.

“Our downtown has gone from one small restaurant to dozens and every weekend, especially during the summer, the streets are crowded with drunk parties moving between bar to bar,” she said.

The remarks were made during a discussion about the city’s downtown noise ordinance.

“In 1984 we had very little of a tax base so when the previous Mayor envisioned restaurants and social friendly places for state workers to come and dine and after they go to work, he never envisioned the Sodom and Gomorrah we have now,” she said

The biblical reference didn’t sit well with some fellow council members.

“Religious extremists have oftehburgn used, in the LGBT community, Sodom and Gomorrah basically to talk about almost the demise of the LGBT community and that part is offensive,” city councilman Ben Allatt said.

Reid also went on to say the noise ordinance would allow”outsiders to revel in the city’s relaxed standards;” a statement Allatt also disagreed with.

“The restaurant establishments have worked very closely with the city and the Harrisburg Police Department to create a safe place for people to be able to go out and dine in” Allatt said.

The city council approved the noise resolution Tuesday, with Reid being the only vote against it.

“You choose to live in the city and in some ways you have to choose to accept the city for what it is,” Allatt added.

Councilman Allatt said Reid did apologize for making the Sodom and Gomorrah comparison.

FOX43 reached out to Reid several times but received no response.


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