Car show for York County boy battling cancer

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Folks in York County are using cars to help a little boy who is battling cancer.

In Hanover, the “Xtreme Addictions” Car Club got together with family and friends of 4-year-old Ayden Murray for a car show at Hickory Falls Family Entertainment Center.

The event “Cars For Ayden” showcased all types of vehicles, from fast cars to even remote-controlled models. More than 500 people attended, all to help Ayden.

“He doesn’t let it phase him. He just.. no matter what, he’s always just wanting to play and run around even if he’s hooked up to machines he will get out of bed. It doesn’t bother him. He will have his sick days but it’s like it doesn’t matter,” said Mariah Jemison, who organized the event.

All proceeds from the event will go to Ayden and his family.


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