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Man drives truck through brick building after being shot at by police

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Douglas Newman got into a fight with his girlfriend on Sunday night, police warned him to stay away from her, but he did not. “She was inside the apartment sleeping and he broke the window, entered the apartment and drug her out of the apartment against her will,” York Area Regional Police Sgt Jeff Dunbar said.

The girlfriend’s roommate called police who later caught up to them at the Royal Farms Gas Station on South Queen Street in York. “She got out of the truck and ran past the officers’ car into the store, Dunbar said. “The male jumped back into the truck and started it up.” It was at that moment when Newman rammed the police cruiser. The officer got out of his car, but Newman kept going. “At that point that’s when the officer fired at the vehicle,” Dunbar said.

Newman kept driving across the street and directly into the Peaceful Pet Passage’s brick wall. “911 called me, and it was a shock,” Shopping plaza co-owner Linda Reck said. Reck is the co-owner of the plaza, which houses the business and is grateful it did not happen during normal business hours. “Nobody was hurt,” Reck said. “Things can be replaced and that’s what I was glad for, nobody in the building at the time.”

After Newman crashed, he tried to fight the officers who shot him with a taser. He was taken to the hospital and police say he will make a full recovery.


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  • MyViewpoint

    Now he has no girlfriend, no truck, a big fine, restitution and could lose a job or go to prison for awhile. There are plenty of songs out there for him to reflect on.

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