Pink slips being sent to deployed soldiers

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By, Heather Warner

Thousands of soldiers, some of whom are actively deployed in Afghanistan, will be getting pink slips.  The U.S. Department of Defense says they’ll be notified in the coming weeks that their service to the country is no longer needed..

Last week, more than 11-hundred Army Captains who have some of the most experience in combat zones, were told they’ll be retired from the Army.

The move comes as the army ends its major operations in Iraq, and is winding down in Afghanistan.  Budget cuts are projected to shrink the Army from its current 520,000 soldiers to 440,000– the smallest size since World War II.

Many military families say they aren’t surprised over the downsize, but are surprised the pink slips are being sent to solders currently serving in combat zones.

As one Army wife posted– “I never thought I’d have to be simultaneously worried about a deployment, and a pink slip.”