Skeletal remains found on state game lands in Perry County, forensics indicate man was shot

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Investigators are still trying to identify a man whose remains were found on May 27 on state game lands in Perry County.

The identity of the man whose remains were found May 27 on State Game Lands #170  off Idle Road in Rye Township remains a mystery. Following examination of the skeleton by forensic anthropologists, police believe he was a white male, 45 to 70, and between the height of 5’11”-6-6″.

Investigators determined the man died from a gunshot wound.

It was not exactly clear how long the bones had been there prior to being found. Authorities think the victim could have been there anywhere from 9 to 14 months. Meaning he would have died in the spring-summer of 2013.

Police continue to search for information about who this man is. Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police/Newport barracks at 717-567-3110.