Dog abandoned after owner dies makes amazing transformation

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Woody’s owner passed away a year ago, leaving the little dog all alone.

His owner’s family sold the house, but left Woody behind.

He waited under a shed for his owner to come back, and his fur became long and matted over time.

Neighbors left food and water for the dog while trying to find someone to save him.

Hope For Paws stepped in and transformed Woody by cleaning him up, feeding him, and giving him lots of love.

Now Woody just needs a forever home.

For more information on how you can adopt Woody, visit


  • MyViewpoint

    Owner's family should have had some responsibility. They sold a house and abandoned a dog just like the story yesterday about a homeowner moving and leaving 9 cats.

  • Marie

    While I can sympathize with a family who lost a loved one, there was no excuse for abandoning the dog. They should be charged with animal abuse, abandonment, and neglect. If I didn’t already have two dogs I could take the pup. Why did it take a year to get help for her? Kudos to the neighbors for feeding her.

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