Water woes in Red Lion, York County

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Brown, red, murky, and just plain gross water.

That’s what people in Red Lion say they saw when they turned on the Faucet Wednesday.

24 hours ago the water was much darker.

It was a dark red color at Amalia’s Beauty Boutique and Spa and it caused some problems for people getting pedicures.

“I did a pedicure to one of the guys and when I got the water it was so dark, it was like bloody thing so I was kind of worried,” says Amalia Gohn.

For 15 years Amalia Gohn has worked in Red Lion at a shop which she owns.

But even in Red Lion… the water shouldn’t be red.

What did you think had happened?

“I don’t have idea, and then my husband told me that they’re cleaning up something, so I’m like how come they didn’t let us know, ya know?” says Gohn.

A message posted on Red Lion’s website says the borough replaced a valve at the water treatment plant on Tuesday, which is the reason for discolored water.

Borough managers say they’re sorry.

But, people took to our FOX43 Facebook page to express their opinions.

Lola Smith posted a picture of a cup full of yellow water and says no one let her know about the issue.

From red, to yellow, depending on where you were, it was a different color.

“Dark tea, (nothing you would want to drink though?) No nothing I want to drink,” says Chad Ward, who owns The Guitar Spot, next to Gohn’s beauty spa.

“If there’s something going on with the town they should let the business people know, and make them aware of what’s going on, so that we can be prepared. Otherwise, like last night, I’m trying to clean up my hands and my face and I’m using spring water, I will not touch that water,” says Gohn.

As of 9 o’clock Wednesday night, most of the water has been restored to a normal color.