Working mom sent to jail for leaving her child alone in park

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A 46 year old working mom is arrested after letting her 9 year old daughter play in a park while she worked at a nearby McDonald’s. The child had a cell to call her mother if necessary.

Someone at the park noticed she was alone and asked where her mother was.  The child responded her mom was at work. The police were called and it lead to the arrest of Debra Harrell on a Unlawful Conduct towards a Child” charge. Harrell was taken to jail and her child put in custody of social services.

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  • MyViewpoint

    Where was this? In PA, isn't the age that a child may be left without supervision, 8 years? There are plenty of 4th graders playing without adults at playgrounds.

    And if you think about it, there was a story recently where a couple of guys asked such a thing to a child and were accused of trying to lure the child. Was this person who asked the child a female?

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