Brooklyn man charged with trying to buy gun with false ID

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Police say a Brooklyn man tried to buy a handgun with false identification and then tried to get someone else to buy him the gun when the store refused to let him buy it. It happened in Elizabethtown at Lanco Tactical on June 10th. Kevin Zarbailov, of Brooklyn, New York, allegedly tried to buy a .45 Smith and Wesson handgun. A store employee told Zarbailov the could not purchase the gun with the identification he provided. Outside the store, police say Zarbailov offered a man walking on the street $100 to purchase the gun for him. Lanco Tactical employees witnessed the solicitation and there was no transaction.

Zarbailov is charged with felony transfer of a firearm and criminal solicitation. He was released on bail from Lancaster County Prison on related charges that occurred at Trop Gun Shop in Elizabethtown.

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