Actor Daniel Stern talks about new TV series “Manhattan” set to premiere Sunday

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Imagine being involved in something so secret, so confidential, not even the Vice President knows about it. You can’t tell anyone because it’s a matter of life or death.
That’s the premise of WGN America’s new TV show, “Manhattan.”

Produced in part by Tribune Studios, FOX43’s parent company, “Manhattan” will take viewers back in time to 1943, when scientists were working around the clock to build the world’s first atomic bomb. They really did live in a secret world, full of lies and rumors. The show, being is shot in New Mexico and is about more than science and equations.
Actor Daniel Stern, who plays physicist “Glen Babbit” on the show, talked to FOX43’s Jaime Garland about the new show. “The interactions of the relationships, for the moral dilemmas, for the lies that we tell each other, for the secrets we keep from our wives, the stuff that I love in television. Who’s the bad guy? Is that guy somebody secret? That’s what intrigues me in television,” he said.
Stern, known for his roles in movies like “Home Alone,” is one of 11-main actors on the show.
It was written by Sam Shaw and is directed by Tommy Schlamme of “The West Wing.”
“Manhattan” premieres Sunday, July 27th at 9 p.m. on WGN America, that is channel 21 for Comcast customers. You can also watch a special showing of the first episode on FOX43 at 11 p.m., following our newscast.

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