Harrisburg community stands behind peace in Israel

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As the conflict intensifies in the Middle-East, people in Central Pennsylvania are praying for solidarity.  Hundreds of people from several religious backgrounds united at the Harrisburg Jewish Community Center to pray for peace in Israel.

Rabbi Akiva Males, of Kesher Israel Congregation says, “Everyone hopes for peace, this is about survival.  Israel’s being attacked by terrorists.”

Rabbi Males says it’s hard for Israel to negotiate with Hamas, whose charter calls for Israel’s destruction.

Rabbi Males says, “They’ve been forced into a situation they didn’t want to be in, they’ve been forced to respond to the aggressive missiles launched at them for a number of weeks.”

Mark Maisel is the president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg.  He says, the diverse group of people are unified in supporting Israel.

Maisel says, “No doubt whatsoever there’s not a person in this room that doesn’t want to see peace and negotiate settlement.”

At the ceremony, we met two soldiers with Israeli Defense and Air forces.  They spoke to inform people about the situation in Gaza.

Until there’s rest, the community proclaims its desire to help the Jewish State.

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