New passenger security fees in place to help pay for federal deficit

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New passenger security fees are now in effect and travelers aren’t happy about it. “They just keep adding it on and figure well people are traveling they got some money so they’re going to nail them. They’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. And could care less” said Eugene Johnson who was picking up his daughter at the Harrisburg International Airport.

Most of the money collected will go to pay off the federal debt, but some travelers said if it’s called a security fee it should go toward security. “Most definitely. Cause I think we really need it in our country today” said Eugene’s wife Bernadine Johnson. Harrisburg International Airport spokesman Scott Miller also isn’t sold on the idea of increased fees. Harrisburg International Airport spokesperson Scott Miller said “this impact fee hits the leisure traveler the most.”

The cost will increase from $5 dollars to $11.20 for a round trip ticket. That’s money Miller said could take away from economic growth. “That’s less admission to an amusement park, less spending in a hotel. That’s less spending on food and gifts and souvenirs” said Miller.

There is one exception to the rule, but it’s not a good one. If you have a layover that’s more than 4 hours the fees reset, meaning you’ll have to pay an extra $5.60 for the next leg of the trip. “I think that layovers are bad enough and I try to avoid them at all costs but sometimes you can’t do anything about it. Four hours is what you get so to have to pay that again seems ridiculous” said frequent flyer Bruce Fry. Travelers and airport officials alike are echoing the same sentiments: new fees aren’t welcome.

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  • MyViewpoint

    For those that use the airline system, you should have more of the payment burden for your security and the services attached to it. It is not like the public transportation system. Since the terrorist attacks, a huge burden on the entire country's debt has occurred through the government agencies involved in airline travel, which most of the country does not use.

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