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WATCH: Armed carjack suspect on wild crime spree captured in dramatic fashion

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Video captured by a FOX31 helicopter begins with a car busting through a garage door. The man in the vehicle is an armed carjacking suspect according to the Colorado FOX station.

The man appears to have gotten the vehicle stuck and tries to continue on foot.  He runs towards a busy highway and can be seen holding his gun up, trying to get cars to stop.

An officer on a motorcycle is finally able to get the suspect to drop his weapon and a civilian helps the officer hold the suspect down.

He apparently had been on a crime spree around the Jefferson County area before he was caught by police in the middle I-70.

This story is developing. Check FOX31 updates.

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  • Luther Henry

    Good thing that did not happen in New York City or that police officer would be in big trouble for taking the dirtbag down with a choke hold.

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